Transparency Codes for Packaging

GlobalFlex Orora is proud to be an approved Transparency Service Provider (TSP). Our packaging experts work with you to design your Transparency code directly into your packaging.

The Design-In Process

"Design-In" allows each individual Transparency Data Matrix code to be directly printed within the design of each individual package as opposed to sticker application. This method is more cost-effective, is perceived better by the consumer and is more stable and reliable in terms of scanning and accuracy.

GlobalFlex Orora has established one of the most efficient and reliable processes when conducting business in greater Asia. We have locations in the U.S. and in China to ensure quality and timeliness. GlobalFlex Orora's full-time staff in China work directly with Transparency approved facilities to ensure all aspects of the design-in process are followed, verified and of the highest quality. While our cost-effective solutions are produced in China, our customers can work with the confidence and comfort that they are partnering with a U.S. based company.

With GlobalFlex Orora's complete door-to-door logistics, we offer delivery not only in the U.S. and China but anywhere else in the world.

Our Transparency Design-In Process

Step 1

Brand Sample

The customer sends a sample and specs of current packaging to GlobalFlex Orora.

Step 2

Quote & Mock-up

GlobalFlex Orora will send a quote for the packaging. Upon acceptance of the quote, a non-printed mock-up will be sent for validation.

Step 3

Artwork Submission

The customer sends their current packaging artwork to GlobalFlex Orora in Adobe Illustrator format.

Step 4

Printed Proof

Printed proof provided to the customer for verification.

Step 5

Transparency Codes

The customer delivers Transparency codes to GlobalFlex Orora and GlobalFlex Orora prints and verifies each code.

Step 6

Production & Delivery

GlobalFlex Orora produces, prints, and delivers finished packaging to the designated destinations.

Transparency Facts

  • Each Transparency code is a unique, alphanumeric non-sequential code.
  • Transparency keeps a record of every code generated along with the product for which it was generated and uses the information to authenticate products
  • Selling partners are required to provide a Transparency code for every unit of Transparency-enabled products they fulfill for Amazon to verify that only authentic units are shipped to customers.
  • Customers can use the Amazon app or Transparency app on their smartphones to scan Transparency codes. Upon scanning, the app will show a green check mark if the code is valid and a red X mark otherwise.

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